11 Possible Signs of Cancer You Might Overlook

2. Unexplained Lumps

Be sure to check out your body on a regular basis. Lumps on your body could be both an early and late warning sign of cancer.


Now, we’re obviously not talking about mosquito bites and the like, but real lumps should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible. Also, pay very close attention to thickenings or lumps that change in size. Usually, these lumps are benign, but always go to your doctor when you’re in doubt.

3. Frequent Fevers


Cancer is a disease that can have a massive impact on your immune system. As such, those who get cancer often will have a fever at some point in time. Usually, these fevers are more common in late stage cancer, but some cancer patients, like those who suffer of lymphoma or leukemia, can also catch unexpected fevers in the early stages. In any case, if you suffer from fevers regularly without any real explanation, you should contact your doctor.

4. Constant Pain

Of course, pain can be a symptom of a host of different diseases. But certain types of pain can also be an early sign of some types of cancer.

renal cell carcinoma

For instance, depending on the region where the pain is located, pain can be a symptom of colon cancer, ovary cancer, a brain tumor or rectum cancer. In conclusion, if you have no explanation for the pain you’re experiencing and treatment doesn’t make it any more bearable, it could be a warning sign of cancer.