10 War Photos You Will Never Forget – We Cried At #9

War is terrible and we would very much wish that there would never be another war on earth ever again. War has cost humanity hundreds of millions of lives and in the end there are no real winners.

But we can’t deny the fact dat war has produced some incredible and unforgettable photo’s. They might not all be cheerful, but every single one makes a lot of impact. In this article you will find 10 war photo’s that you will never forget.

1. Football

The First World War was without doubt one of the most gruesome wars ever. But during this war, something very beautiful happened also. During Christmas the soldiers announced a truce and decided to play a game of football.

Later, after Christmas was over, many of the soldiers refused to fight each other. As such, the officers were forced to switch out large parts of their squads.

2. Regret

If there is one photo that can image the word ‘regret’, it has to be this one. German soldiers were shown footage of the concentration camps. The troops, who clearly had no idea of the horrors of the camps, are visibly appalled by what they’re being shown.

3. Love

When the Americans got mixed up in the Second World War too, troops naturally had to be sent out. For many Americans, that of course meant saying goodbye to their loved ones. This gripping photo was taken of that breathtaking moment.